Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wayfarer Sunglasses Are Totally Awesome!

Black / Smoke

Wayfarer sunglasses have made a huge comeback onto the fashion scene. This classic style can be seen worn by celebrities cruising the streets of Hollywood, and making a huge impact on today's street wear scene. Our generation is infatuated with Retro designs and we cannot get enough of it! The classic Wayfarer was only offered in a couple different colors, and only from a limited choice of designers decades ago! The Wayfarer Sunglasses was made popular through big screen movies, tv shows and musicians during the 1980's.

Today, designers have taken the Retro design to a new level by adding their own flare and individual trademarks. Now everyone has a choice of classic designs, to celebrity fashion or street wear inspired Wayfarer sunglasses. There are multicolored 2 tone Wayfarers, checkered pattern Wayfarers, pattern inspired Wayfarers, dual color Wayfarers and just all out crazy Wayfarers. No matter your style there is a specific Wayfarer design for you! Pick em up and give em a try, you won't be sorry!
Wayfarer 2790Wayfarer 2790

Wayfarer 2802Wayfarer 2802

Wayfarer 2792Wayfarer 2792

Wayfarer 2807Wayfarer 2807

Pictures Courtesy of ocshades.com

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