Friday, April 25, 2008

DJ Sydney Back From Euro Czech Republic Tour

One of OC Shades sponsored World DJs just returned from a successful mini European and Czech Republic Tour. While on tour he was sporting some of the newest styles we offer on OC Shades. Here are some pictures of DJ Sydney on his recent Mini Tour. Looks like he had a blast!! Check him out on myspace and his record label website Kebosh Records. We will be keeping in touch with Sydney and keep you up to date for his next tour!

Here are some pictures of DJ Sydney sporting some of our popular retro aviator sunglasses. Watch out for DJ sydney in the United Kingdom as he will be sporting some of our new OC Shades styles that we have just released! Sydney is wearing our Markee oversized aviator in the first picture, Astroboy lined aviator, and Retro Sport Aviator in the last picture!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kanye West Glow In The Dark Grammy 2008

Finally back in stock are the Kanye West Glow in the dark Shutter Shades. The glow in the dark shades were a huge hit at the 2008 Grammy Awards. These were such a hit, Kanye's new tour is named, "The Glow In The Dark Tour". These are of course limited production and will sell out extremely fast! Below is Kanye's performance at the 2008 Grammy Awards, performing his hit song "Stronger". The evening was emotional as the singer/rapper performed 'Stronger' from his most recent album, followed up by an updated version of his 2005 song, 'Hey Mama.'

West, who took the stage with the word "Mama" shaved into his head, was emotional as he sang the moving tribute before a respectful audience, which gave him a standing ovation after the performance. After he won the Grammy for Best Rap Album, he asked that the cue music be stopped so he could say a few words about her -- thanking everyone for the support and prayers and promising to keep making her proud. Donda West, who raised Kanye as a single mother and was an ever-present fixture by his side, died in November 2007 due to complications following surgery.

shutter shades

Friday, April 11, 2008

Designer Millionaire Retro Aviator Shades

Millionaire Retro Stunna Aviator Shades has to be one the newest retro aviator design. Louis Vuitton inspired with color varieties and color accent lines that flow with the frame, all the way down to the arms. Celebrities lik Pharrell, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Paris Hilton have been seen sporting this awesome retro aviator. The Millionaire look has been made popular with numerous celebrities sporting the shades in their music videos and other forms of press.

There are a variety of colors that are available, so you can be the ultimate hipster on the scene. The Millionaire Sunglass is catching on and is becoming famous all over the world! Super Street Scenester Style as well as fabulous Stunner Shade fashion. Try to pick a pair up soon because these will sell out quickly!