Friday, April 11, 2008

Designer Millionaire Retro Aviator Shades

Millionaire Retro Stunna Aviator Shades has to be one the newest retro aviator design. Louis Vuitton inspired with color varieties and color accent lines that flow with the frame, all the way down to the arms. Celebrities lik Pharrell, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Paris Hilton have been seen sporting this awesome retro aviator. The Millionaire look has been made popular with numerous celebrities sporting the shades in their music videos and other forms of press.

There are a variety of colors that are available, so you can be the ultimate hipster on the scene. The Millionaire Sunglass is catching on and is becoming famous all over the world! Super Street Scenester Style as well as fabulous Stunner Shade fashion. Try to pick a pair up soon because these will sell out quickly!

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