Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cazal = Timeless Retro Sunglasses

When people think of retro sunglasses, there is one company that usually comes to mind. Cazal Sunglass designs are timeless and exceptionally hard to find! One Cazal style that has been re-released with the help of Japanese fashion companies, the Cazal 858. The Cazal 858 is a huge retro 1980'S sunglasses in the United States and Japan.
Recently in the media, retro sunglasses have been used for music and entertainment. One such example is the new Video of Utah Saints, "Something Good 2008" music video. Utah Saints used a retro theme for their new music video, and as you can see the Cazal 858 is used for their awesome video! 'Something Good 08 (Van She Tech Remix)' first saw the light of day last year, following Australia's answer to Soulwax, Van She's, reworking of the Utah's original 1992 Top 5 hit. Now signed to the all-conquering Data Records for a full release, expect it to follow the label's 8 Top 10 hits in 2008.

The video features many retro vintage style sunglasses that have come back strong into the fashion scene. Don't let the bright colors and oversized designs scare you, these are truly what hot and everyone has to get a pair of retro sunglasses to add to their collection!

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