Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paris Hilton's New BFF ONCH Sunglasses!

The ever so fabulous Paris Hilton is on a quest to seek out a new BFF on her hit MTV show "Paris Hilton's my new BFF." The cast is a colorful bunch that creates and thrives on drama throughout each series. The character that stands out the most, without a doubt is Onch! Onch has a crazy and colorful personality, and his wardrobe only compliments his over the top antics even more. In previous episodes you will notice wearing oversized round sunglasses. They look amazing on him and OC Shades actually has the same exact style Onch sports in episode 1. Check them out and support the Onch Movement!!

Onch Sunglasses

Onch SunglassesOnch Sunglasses

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ANGELA said...

whatewa im so sad because onch is out..i love youuu