Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hundreds Spring 2011 Eyewear Collection

The successful and flourishing streetware brand The Hundreds previewed their new Spring 2011 Eyeware line today. Their new eyewear division continues to develop and progress, as the collection collection consists of their first and only style, the Phoenix, and two new styles: the Dean and the Valens. Their new selection of sunglasses is scheduled to release at their flagship stores next month.

“Spring 2011 marks the continuation and an expansion of The Hundreds Eyeware program. The collection includes new colors of the original Phoenix style, and also features two brand new instant-classic Eyeware styles; the Dean, which was inspired by mid-90s action-sports wraps and is therefore The Hundreds’ next foray into ’90s-era styling; and the Valens, which were inspired by L.A.’s infamous hardcore gangster lifestyle.”

Source: highsnobiety

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