Thursday, January 27, 2011

New OG Rapper Hip Hop Locs Sunglasses Shades At!

Just in recently at OC Shades are a few new pairs of Locs Hardcore Sunglasses. These sunglasses are influenced by both classic sport sunglasses, made popular by surfing and other action sports brands, as well as the gangster lifestyle of Los Angeles. They have a classic style and are perfect for hanging out at the beach, or just cruising around in the neighborhood. And just like all the sunglasses at OC Shades, they're only $10! Check out the pictures below and be sure to check the rest of the new arrivals at

As everyone knows, during the 1980s and early 1990s, the Los Angeles Gangster profile was glorified through the media and movies. This inner city urban youth rose to popularity with icons preaching about Gangsta Life through Rap and Hip Hop. Legends like Ice T, Dr. Dre, NWA, Eazy E, Ice Cube, Public Enemy and so on were constantly in the media for negative press. Rapping icons always sported these hard OG Shades, and the style soon picked up on the streets of Los Angeles!

LOC Sunglasses
Ice Cube Sunglasses
Eazy E Sunglasses
Snoop Dogg Sunglasses
Dr Dre Sunglasses
Rapper Sunglasses

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